Wireless Dialess



Looking to target potential customers with a  ringless mail drop broadcast system?

You’ve come to the right place!

Wireless Dialess is the next big thing.

We’ve seamlessly paired our industry-leading consumer database with an easy-to-use ring less mail drop broadcast system called Wireless Dialess to help you bring your message to thousands of potential clients. This mail drop system is innovative and sets apart from its competitors. A few things that make US Marketing Source different from our competitors are

  1. We do all the heavy lifting for you with this system - We help you narrow down your target audience that we will market to. Then we start the wireless dialess system... We provide you with great, solid stats and keep you informed the entire time of the campaign, and you get to keep the prospects you get from it!
  2. Customer Service - We keep in touch through out the entire wireless dialess campaign.
  3. Competition is low - Hardly any one is doing this incredible system, and you can get the jump start on it!
  4. High Conversion Rates - Because of the fact that hardly any one is doing mail drop campaigns, prospects seem to respond rather well to this, making campaigns super profitable.

Some of the reasons why companies are choosing the wireless-dialess mail drop system:


No-hassle to your prospects and customers

Unlike other mail-drop broadcast systems, Wireless Dialess doesn't ring your customer's phone when your broadcast goes out. Instead, it simply leaves a voicemail directly on your customer's phone.

Its hassle-free to the customer.

Saves Time and Resources

Quickly narrow down your target audience, and let our expert team do the rest.

Get a Better Return On Investment

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