Email Append

Use Email Append to Add Missing or Updated Emails to Your Marketing Lists

 Email append services adds missing email addresses to your current lists so you can connect with your audience more efficiently. It also helps your email campaigns reach the right people at the right time. We’ll send any bad email addresses flying out the door because bounced messages are wasted opportunities you never need. This is why it’s always essential to your success that you update your consumer and prospecting email lists.

For example, if someone on your list changes jobs, or their name changes after getting married, we’ll ensure you have that information updated. If they changed email address providers, or there’s a simple typo in your list, we’ll help you catch that, too. With US Marketing Source’s top-notch service, converting your email marketing efforts into sales becomes much easier.

Our database will make your list and campaigns perform better



Take advantage of this simple, cost-effective way to build your email database and connect with your customers online. We’ll compare your customer file with our database and add email addresses where available.

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Enhance your email records with a matching name and postal mailing address to improve targeting for your email marketing campaigns and help you take advantage of multichannel marketing strategies.

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    Every year, USMS deploys emails for thousands of businesses, and over $20 million is spent collecting and verifying our contact data.


    In addition to our email append service, we can help you reach your customers more effectively and easily with our email campaigns and email list maintenance services.


    We make it easy to reach the perfect audience with our email campaigns platform. Begin with a targeted list of email addresses and then have our design team create an email for you, or you can choose from hundreds of mobile-optimized email templates that can be easily customized to suit your needs. Then just send and track your success!
    Email Campaigns


    If your own email lists are not  clean, it can get you flagged as a spammer. Our email list maintenance service will identify email addresses known to be undeliverable, correct common misspellings, and remove any other undesirable addresses to help keep your reputation intact.
    Email List Maintenance

    Ready to build your email database? Get started nowor call our email marketing experts at 618.501.0035 to learn more.