7 Summer Marketing Campaigns You Need To Take Action With Now

The weather is finally warming up now and that means its time to gear up for summer marketing campaigns. This is critical for your strategic marketing plan to ensure your business is set up for success. Here’s our list of seven summer marketing plans that can help you:

1. Plan a really HOT summer sale.

Plan a creative way to target your audience on those really blistery days. For example, create a multi-channel marketing campaign to give clients 5% off on days it’s over 100 degrees for every degree over.

2. Announce your summer hours.

Does your business stay open an hour or two later? Let your customers know with direct mail, email marketing, and online display advertising.

3. Use direct mail to show customer appreciation.

Show your customers you value them with a personalized letter or postcard mailing. This can include a special offer, website link to a free webinar, or other promotions and perks.

4.  Add summer items to your campaigns.

Have sunscreen or an extra pair of shades lying around? Bundle those and other swag with your marketing to add a seasonal touch to your message. For B2B marketing campaigns, you can add summer flair to special promotions like creating a “sizzlin’ summer savings event.”

5. Invite prospects to an outdoor activity.

The weather outside isn’t frightful. It’s actually delightful. Organize an outdoor activity to delight your target audience and invite them by direct mail or email.

6. Have a photo contest on social media.

Create a contest using social media advertising to have your target audience send you summer time photos. You can tell them the best photo gets a prize such as discounted services.

7. Use email to reach your audience on vacation.

Yes, people still check their emails on vacation. So don’t believe it when people say they’re too busy having fun. That’s because people are more plugged in than ever to their mobile devices!

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