Jump Start Your Sales Reps

Sales are slow? Here are our top 7 ways to jump start your sales crew and get that sales floor rockin’!


We are all human which means we’re all driven by emotion and success, including your employees. Encourage your employees and motivate your team so that you dont end up with a bunch of disgruntled employees- a deadly thing for your business.

Now you might be thinking, “Well, what about me?? I’m working harder than anyone in this building! Where’s my pat on the back?” And that’s a good point, butdont forget: You’re the boss. Your crew looks up to you for direction and guidance. Its up to you as a leader to keep your team motivated and happily working for you; isn’t that why they pay you the big bucks?

So take a moment to shake off that coat of pride and offer a word of encouragement to your hardworking salespeople. Whether you throw a pep rally or just pat one of them on the shoulder and say “good job,” your crew will appreciate the support. If done right, this simple step, can help give your business the life it needs.



If your like me, sometimes you just have to spice up your life by rearranging your living room or whole house for that matter. Well, why not do the same thing for your office too? Hang up pictures, put up signs, turn on more lights, and put that fake plant in a different corner. Dig through those boxes in your storage space and throw a re-decorating party. By simply giving your crew something new to look at, you can trigger positive shifts on the sales floor while keeping everyone on their toes.



Do you ever drive home without your radio on, or run on a treadmill without listening to music? Nope, neither do we. That would be BORRRING! The same concept applies to your office, so turn on Pandora and put on some tunes to get blood pumping on the sales floor. Nothing is more tedious than listening to yourself think all day long. Remind yourself and your crew that they have a pulse – break the silence!



In recent years, It’s becoming more and more commpn for customers to purchase add-ons and promotions. Just think about how much leverage this can give your company in the marketplace! There are so many options available when it comes to this, (for example: if your client spends X amount of time with the company, give them a small gift). This incentive can be anything from gift certificates, tickets to a ballgame, a care package, a discounted dinner at their favorite restaurant, or you can simply throw in an extra service you already offer. This option is very affordable and will help you get to know your customers. It’ll also make it hard for them to forget you! The new wave of promotional competition is starting to hit hard and it’s time that you joined the race. Don’t come in last!



If you find that your current tactics aren’t working, it’s probably time that you switch gears. Get together with your business partners, associates, etc. and have a brainstorming session! The best think-tanks are comprised of happy, relaxed individuals who have the freedom and willingness to let their ideas flow. That means you should meet somewhere cool or provide food and refreshments for the group: make it fun! Through your efforts you could come up with a new product, service, or a more productive selling method.



Leads are the lifeblood of your salespeople. If necessary, trim your budget elsewhere so you don’t have to cut back on buying leads. If your reps are only calling on their current books it’s inevitable that they are going to get frustrated and you’re going to start losing more money than ever. Don’t lose sight of the power of Marketing Leads!



Get your sales team pumped up by having a weekly or biweekly Sales Contest or Rewards Program. The keyword here: incentivize. Keep your salespeople motivated by giving them something to work toward. If you reward them with something beyond their base paycheck, the payoff will definitely be worth it.

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