Wouldn't  it be great to have an unlimited source of insurance leads?

whether you need life insurance leads, health insurance leads, auto insurance leads, or any other type, this is an incredible opportunity for you. 


We’ve seamlessly paired our industry-leading consumer database with an easy-to-use ringless mail drop broadcast system called Wireless Dialess to help you bring your message to thousands of potential clients. This mail drop system is innovative and sets apart from its competitors. 

A few things that make US Marketing Source different from our competitors are:

  1. We do all the heavy lifting for you with this system- We help you narrow down your target audience that we will market to, then we start the wireless dialess system, we provide you with great, solid stats and keep you informed the entire time of the campaign, and you get to keep the prospects you get from it!
  2. Customer Service- We keep in touch through out the entire wireless dialess campaign.
  3. Competition is low- hardly any one is doing this incredible system, and you can get the jump start on it!
  4. High Conversion Rates- because of the fact that hardly any one is doing mail drop campaigns, prospects seem to respond rather well to this, making campaigns super profitable.

Compared to other industries, the insurance industry is highly constrained by some of the strictest regulatory and compliance regulations governing how you can market your insurance products. This severely limits your efforts to direct marketing, web based advertising and agency agreements to market for you.

Insurance leads

There is a solution though

and that is through the use of a ringless voicemail system.

US Marketing Source (USMS) allows for directly delivering voicemail to mobile phones in a compliant manner. Our Innovative technology provides a cost effective, reliable solution for contacting prospective policy owners.

Looking to get warm prospects calling into your office? Checkout our Live Transfer Leads System.

Why Advertise with  the Wireless Dialess System?

• Voicemail is considered an Enhanced Information Service by the FCC.Insurance leads • TCPA outlines restrictions for contacting mobile phones, but excludes information services.
US Marketing Source (USMS) does not connect calls, instead it delivers the message directly to Voicemail.

What are the results?

• Maximize contact and response rates.

Insurance leads • Establish a steady flow of business.
• Messages generate inbound calls from interested parties.
• The majority of the responses come within hours, which provides control increase/decrease call flow as necessary.

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