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    • if any lead is bad or is already one of your customers, let us know at the end of the list, and we will replace all bad or existing customer files completely free.
    • The Leads that you will win will only be owned by you! We will not resell them.

12 - Lists of 300 Leads Each

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Kirk- Farmers Agent

" Monica did a great job in getting me set up to call new prospects in my area. Having the new list with cell phone numbers will give me the edge over are competitors to grow my agency with Farmers, I have been with Farmers over 32 years and need to grow my agency in order to take of advantage of Farmers new bonus structure, thanks again Monica agent ....Kirk "

John- Allstate Agent

Shelly is super terrific to work with. She is positive, professional and she has always followed up when I needed her too even to get me additional information about the product or service.Best,John

Farmers Insurance Agent

I purchased a list from you a while back, and I've had some good success from it. Erika Caldwell helped me out initially, but Jodi has been taking care of me ever since, and I just referred your company to another agency owner that I know with Farmers. There are many opportunities out there, and this business is a funnel, and we need to understand that you get good results when there's good data in.

Joey - State Farm Insurance

US Marketing has been a huge asset in my agency. Great quality leads and my teams contact percentage has been very high. Currently doing my planning for the upcoming year and definitely planning to set aside more marketing dollars for US Marketing. My current contact is Rob, and he has been a huge help. Always responds promptly to any questions that I have and gets my leads to me in a timely fashion. I like doing business where I feel appreciated and that is the vibe I get from this company. Thanks, Joey State Farm Insurance Virginia, USA

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